Rental of Church Hall

Bethany United Church Rental Policy Revised Jan. 2011

1. Area – The following area is available for rental:

The church hall (Auditorium including the Kindergarten Sunday School Room.)
2. Requests & Liability Insurance

(a) All requests for use of the Church facilities, by groups outside the church, shall be made in writing on a Council approved form to either the Church Secretary or the Secretary of Bethany Church Council.

(b) Church Groups need make oral request only to Church Secretary.

(c) Third party users of Church facilities –either gratuitously or paid rental- must supply a copy of their liability insurance before approval is given to use Church Facilities.

Church groups are covered by the Church’s liability insurance.

(d) All rentals and use of church auditorium will be coordinated through the office of the church Secretary and the Chair of the property committee.

3. Rental Rates:

(a) Rental on a per day basis for the Church Hall, including the Kindergarten room, Sunday school Room is $100.00

(b) Rental of church hall hourly rate is $25.00 (minimum of 2 hours charged).

4. Bethany United Church Council may waive rental fees for any group, where the activity to be carried on, is in keeping with the theology and philosophy of the church.

Regulations Regarding the Rental of Bethany United Church facilities:

1. The person or representative of the group, seeking the use of the Church Hall, is responsible for making arrangements to access the hall, and is responsible for securing the building when the activity is completed. Rental fees are to be paid, to the Church Secretary, at least 24 hrs. before the activity is to begin.

2. Organizations or groups outside the Church must present a certificate of insurance, stating the type of event and Bethany Congregation added as an additional Insurer to the liability policy.

3. Church A/V equipment is not included in the rental.

4. The use of kitchen facilities is also prohibited. However, arrangements can be made to allow for hot water to be available for tea or coffee

5. Damage of rental property, incurred during occupancy, is the responsibility of the group for repairs or replacement

6. The group is responsible to pick up and tidy the area following its use. In the interest of energy conservation, the thermostats are to be turned down and the lights turned off when the area is being vacated or the group may wish to have Church Caretaker on duty at the groups expense.

7. The use of alcohol and gambling activities are strictly prohibited.

8. The Church reserves the right to cancel the rental in situations where there is an essential need for the area being rented.

9. The church hall is not available for rent, on Saturday evenings during the period of September through May. (This time is necessary to prepare the hall for Sunday School Sunday morning)

10. All activities must cease and everyone must vacate the premises by 12:00 mid-night.

11. Council may waive the rental fee and any other restrictive regulation where the Council is satisfied the activity of the group is for the benefit of a member(s) of our church family who have achieved significant mile stone(s), or if the event is in support of an activity consistent with the churches out reach goals. However, free will donation to the work of the church will be accepted.

12. For administrative purposes, a calendar of events and use of the Church hall shall be clearly visible in the church office, and kept up to date.