Church Council

Bethany Church Council 2017:

Past Co-Chair, Jackson Butt (EXE)    596-7369

Chair, Danny Button (EXE)    589-7200 /596-2180

Vice-Chair, Ruth Davidge  (New)

Council Secretary, Pauline King (EXE)    596-7690

Christian Development , Wanda Sparkes (New)

Communications, UCM, Bert Parsons    596-2849

Finance and Stewardship, Milton Peach (Chair and Treasurer) (New), Verna Steele  (New)

Interfaith Cemetery, Milton Peach    693-4815 /596-5872, Gerald Power (New)

Ministry and Personnel, Peggy Brown    596-1589, Dorothy Harvey (New)

Outreach and Social Action, Mildred Fitzgerald    596-7780

Property,     Melvin Garland, Faye King (New)

Trustees, Lewis Cole    595-2128

Worship, Rev. Wilson Gonese    596-6137, Marilyn King (New)

East District, Danny Button    596-2180

East District, Ruth Davidge     596-3549

East District/At Large, Dorothy Harvey    596-2778

East District/Men’s Club , William Butt     596-3578

Alternate, Milton Peach    693-4815/596-5972

Alternate, Sandra Saunders/UCW (EXE)     596-2077

At Large, Patsy Rogers    596-3839

At Large, Alene Slade    596-2960

At Large,