The way we organize ourselves says so much about who we are and how we trust God to use many within our Congregation for the ministry begun and being fulfilled by Jesus Christ. We welcome all to our church community. All the committees are extremely busy in their ministries. They meet at least quarterly, with the majority meeting monthly.

Church Council
Church Council is the oversight committee that ensures that all ministry foci conceived by other committees meets within our ministry and mission.

The Worship and Sacraments Committee
The Worship and Sacraments Committee seeks a worshiping life that is responsive to the presence of the Spirit of God. In worship, we give God praise, are confronted and comforted by the scripture, seek meaningful fellowship with others and are empowered to turn our worshiping life into witness in God’s world.

The Christian Development Committee
The Christian Development Committee strives to provide an environment that enables all to have a closer relationship with God. We seek to provide a place that is safe and where people can learn not only the historical truths of God saving activity with humanity, but see God’s ongoing activity and discover areas of ministry where the mission of God is furthered. This committee oversees Sunday School, Church Chums, Beginner and Youth Choirs and Explorers.

Outreach and Social Action Committee
Outreach and Social Action Committee strives to serve God through assisting and working with others. Although the committee has done much in the area of fund-raising for special outreach projects, a large part of its mission is spreading the word about outreach to our congregation. Recent projects included the World Development and Relief Fund, the Mission and Service Fund, local medical needs, disaster relief projects (Tsunami, Hurricanes), our food bank, Stella Burry Community, as well as a host of other projects. They love their meetings and have potlucks for several of them.

Finance and Administration Committee
Finance and Administration Committee seeks to encourage our congregation in its stewardship. The committee also sets budgetary requirements for the ministry and mission of the church. The Fund-raising Committee is a sub-committee of the Finance and Stewardship Committee.

Communication and Membership Committee
Communication and Membership Committee strives to keep before the congregation (its members and adherents) the mission and ministry of the church. Besides the seasonal newsletters, it oversees the Zone Captains who keep in touch with all families of Bethany United Church.

Property and Cemeteries Committee
Property and Cemeteries Committee maintain the existing facilities (church building and manse) and ensures day to day maintenance of the cemeteries (Park Avenue and Bethany North Cemeteries). The Bethany Church Sanctuary accommodates 600 people for worship and the downstairs hall can hold 300 people. With a large facility like Bethany that is always in constant use, the work of this committee is daunting and continuous. A Manse Committee reports to this committee.

The Ministry and Personnel Committee
The Ministry and Personnel Committee reports to the Council and gives sympathetic support and guidance to Bethany’s Staff .
The Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees meets quarterly and more often as needed. It holds all the property in trust and on behalf of The United Church of Canada. Large projects, bequests, investments and the insurance of the church is all overseen by this committee.
Other Committees
Usher Committee
Celebrate Stewardship Planning
Interfaith Cemetery Committee
East District Representatives