Bethany United Church, Carbonear
Clergy: Rev. Wilson Gonese
Organist:: Leslie Forward
Supply Organists: Sharon Dean, Ruth Davidge Louise Drover
Caretaker: Wayne Parsons        Secretary: Judy Legge
Office Hours: Tuesday to Friday 9 am – 2 pm
Website: http://www.bethanyunitedchurch.com

The United Church of Canada Bethany United Church, Carbonear
Minister: Rev. Wilson Gonese       Minister Emeritus: Rev. John R. Davis
Organist: Ms. Leslie Forward
Special Music: Bethel United Church Choir Choir Director: Ms. Mary Vivian

Sunday, April 22, 2018— Easter IV
We Gather as God’s People
Organ Prelude: Welcoming
Call To Worship:
L. We gather as followers of the Good Shepherd,
P. The Good Shepherd will lead us.
L. In times of certainty and calm,
P. The Good Shepherd will lead us.
L. in times of fear and doubt,
P. The Good Shepherd will lead us.
L. In times of trial and testing,
P. The Good Shepherd will lead us.
L. Let us worship God.
Prayer of Approach:
0 God, your abundance fills our lives. Richness overflows and mercy abounds. May our worship today be abundant in praise, rich in gratitude, abounding in love. May our souls be restored, that we might be a blessing to you and all your creation. Amen
Hymn: The King of Love 273
Life and Work of the Church (announcements)
Prayer of Confession: (In Unison)
0 God, it is often so hard to love. We often look at others in ways that magnify what we dislike or find offensive. There are many times when we have been hurt by people and wecan’t find it in ourselves to forgive them, let alone offer them love. Then we meet people who will not forgive us. We ask your forgiveness to help transform us. Open our hearts to your love for us, that we might love one another. This we pray in your name. Amen
Assurance of Pardon:
L. God, the Resurrected One, guide us toward your green
pastures and still waters where your goodness and mercy restore and nourish our souls. We can begin anew in God’s love!
P. The old patterns are overcome, new ways are followed,
confidence is restored to serve God. Thanks be to God for his forgiving grace!
Special Music: It Is Well With My Soul Bethel Choir
Love Will Keep Us Together
We Listen to God’s Word
Please stand:
Responsive Reading: Psalm 23 R1 – Christine Noel  VU 749

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit; as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.
Anthem: Near The River – Bethany Choir
Scripture Readings:
N. T. Lesson: Acts 4:5-12 – Charlie Frampton
N. T. Lesson: 1 John 3:16-24 – George Power

Gospel Lesson: John 10:11-18
Meditation: “Good Leaders Needed”
Bethel Choir
Special Music: All To Jesus
I’m Standing On The Solid RockSharing Our Gifts
Invitation to offer our gifts to God (Remain Seated)
Offertory Hymn: All The Way My Saviour Leads Me 635
Offering Prayer:
Gracious God, we thank you for your love that is the foundation of the whole of creation, the love that Is our guide and calling for every moment in our lives, the love that makes possible dreams and works for peace and justice. Receive these offerings, that they may bring love, healing, peace and harmony to our troubled world. Amen.
Pastoral Prayer & Lord’s Prayer
Sending Forth In God’s Name
Hymn: How Firm a Foundation 660 Commissioning:
L. With a shepherd’s heart, go now to love the world around us;
remembering that Christ’s love will meet our every need.
P. Surely goodness and mercy will follow us all the days of
our lives.
L. May the blessing of God our Loving Creator; of Jesus
the Christ, our Companion and Guide; and of the Holy Spirit, God’s power for newness be with you all this day and forevermore.
P. Amen.
Threefold Amen
Organ Postlude
Scripture Readings for April 29th
Psalm 22 pt 3 & 4, 746 VU
Acts 8: 26 – 40
John 1 5- 1 – 8