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                                 Dec. 4, 2022                                                                        
Welcome & Announcements
Special Celebrations today:
Special Events in Life
				The Approach
L: May God Be with you!
P: And also with you!
Introit: Sunday School singing... Christmas Bells
Congregation to join in on the 3rd verse

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Call to Worship( Responsive)
(Candle from previous week is lit.)
One: Arise, take courage, and catch a glimpse of peace!
All: The warm glow of the Divine lightens our hearts.
One: We are together, not alone. In spirit and in community we gather on this second Sunday in Advent in solidarity and with courage to partner for a world full of peace where all of creation will flourish. Our witness is to and for peace.
We listen
All: Peace is real and possible. In solidarity we pray, work, and wait for its blossoming.
We pray
God-of-peace-and-possibility, kindle in the hearts of all compassion and love so that goodness, just deeds, the common good, and trust may flourish. Bless and gift all with hope for a future of peace built on justice for all. In the name of the Child, the peaceful one.

Hymn: VU 55 ... In the Bleak Midwinter

Opening Prayer (Unison)
Eternal God, in Jesus Christ your light shines in our darkness, Fill us with the mystery of your word made flesh, giving joy in our sorrow and presence in our loneliness, until our hearts overflow with peace and joy, for he is the beginning and the end of all that exist, living for ever more. Amen.

Reading: The Meaning of White Gift

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The Word of God Proclaimed

Hebrew Scripture: Isaiah 11: 1-10 ... Arlene Slade
P: Thanks be to God
Epistle: Romans 15: 4-13 ... Arlene Slade
P: Thanks be to God

The Christmas Story: A Play by the Sunday School		

The Response


Offertory Hymn: VU537 ... Your Work, O God Needs Many Hands

Offering Prayer( Unison)

For the gift of all creation, the gift of your love, and the gift of the spirit by which we live, we thank you and give you the fruit of our hands. May these gifts we bring today be a blessing to others in your name. Amen.

Hymn: VU 50 ... He is Born, Little Child Divine

Commissioning: (Unison)

God of the stable, stars, and surprises, of light and hope and new life: go with us from this worship to be present in the world; that might hear again the song of the angels, and respond with a song in our hearts and in our lives.

Benediction: Rev Cole