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June 20, 2021 


Usher Captain for June: Jim Peddle

Congratulations to Serena Butt, Jorja G. Forward and Amity T. Mazhara on becoming Full Members of the Church of Jesus Christ and Bethany United Church.

Our Bulletins today have been donated to the Glory of God and in loving memory of:
– George W. Penney … from wife Margaret & all the family
– Nicholas Clarke … from son John & family.
– Edison (Ed) Oates … from Mom, Dad & family.
– Grandfather & Great-grandfather Hayward Butt … from Lisa, Destiny, Serena & Brooklyn Butt.

Rev. Simba will be off this week on Tuesday and Friday.
Your Church Council is still looking for volunteers. The following positions were not filled at our Annual Meeting and are important for the continued life and work of your church … Vice Chair, Chair of Ministry & Personnel and Chair of Property. If you are interested, please contact the church office at 596-6754 or Danny Button at 589-7200.
Rev Simba is pleased to respond to invitations for pastoral visits. He is just a phone call away. Office 596 6754, Manse 596 6137, by cell @ 709 674 1169 or by email at
Please put on your mask throughout the service. After the Service, please leave at the direction of our Ushers.
Those at the back will leave first. Let us keep the distance as we file out. Please stay in your bubble, maintain the distance.
Please sanitize the mic and pulpit after use.

Beginning July 1st, the church office will be open on Thursdays only from 10am to 1pm until September 2nd.
The Outreach Group requests that over the summer months, you save up your loose change as we will be collecting for Sock It Up for Missions in the Fall. Also, they remind everyone to donate their recycling to Bethany’s account at Nova Recycling. They hope everyone will have a safe and enjoyable summer.
Flower Services are scheduled for July 11th, 2021 as follows …. Park Avenue, South Side at 2pm; Bethany United at 2:45pm and at the Interfaith Cemetery at 3:30pm. In case of inclement weather, the service shall be held jointly in the sanctuary at 2pm.
Bethany United Church is actively seeking volunteers to assist with the audio, video and live streaming of church services on Sunday mornings. Orientation to the process will be provided. Please contact Danny Button at 596-2180 or 589-7200. Individuals who are interested may also contact our church office at 596-6754.

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Father’s Day Memorials 2021

“If I could write a story, It would be the greatest ever told,
of a kind and loving father, who had a heart of gold.
I will remember all he taught me, I’m hurt but won’t be sad,
Because he’ll send me down the answers, and he’ll always be MY DAD”


Father, Malcolm Butt … from daughters Vera, Brenda & family

Clarence Janes … from daughter Robin and son-in-law Frank

Dad, Clarence Janes .. From Daughter Wanda Garland

Grandfather, George W. Janes … from daughter Wanda Garland

My father, Gordon Burden, Sr. And Brother, Gordon Burden, Jr. … from daughter & sister, Vida & family

Father, William Penney, Brother, Ace, and cousins, Dave & Cark Penney … from Linda, Lydia, Bill and families

Lewis Trickett … from daughter Debbie & family

Dear father, father-in-law and grandfather, Rick King … from daughter Pam, son-in-law Reg and grandsons Noah & Luke.

Arthur N. Dean … from daughters Helena & Dianne

Father & Grandfather, Rivelyn Pitts … from daughter Beatrice Poirier in New Brunswick

Father & Grandfather, Rivelyn Pitts … from daughter Dianna & family in Fort McMurray, AB

Fathers, William Pynn and Thomas Hatcher … from Sandra & Allan Hatcher

Father, William Baker and other fathers in the family … from Annie Baker

Father & Grandfather, James R. King … from daughter Helen Badcock

Cyril LeGrow … from John & Elizabeth

Nicholas Clarke … from son John & family (Bulletins today)

Our dear father, Lloyd Swain .. Missing you this Father’s Day and everyday .. Love daughters Tracey & Joanne, sons in law Stuart & Brent and grandson Christian.

Our Dad, John C. Penney … from daughters Linda Payne & family and Sherry Kelloway & family.

Husband, George W. Penney, father, James Piercey and father in law, George T. Penney … from Margaret.

Father & Grandfather, James W. Taylor and Hayward W. Taylor … from Ruth & Catherine Ruth Davidge.

Our Dads, Hayward Butt Sr. & Harry Tuttle … from Junior & Anita Butt.

Husband, Father, & Grandfather, Hayward Butt Sr. … from Ruby Butt & family.

Father, Richard Ash … from Helen

Husband & Father, Lewis Sheppard … from Helen & family.

Grandfather, Richard Ash … from Wendy & Bruce Sparkes

Father, Lewis Sheppard … from Wendy & Bruce Sparkes

Great-grandfather, Richard Ash … from Adam Sparkes

Walter Snow … from Grace & Gerald Rose

Father & Grandfather, Victor King … from Ruby & family.

Fathers, William Pynn & George King … from Ruby & family.

Husband, George King … from wife Barbara & family.

Husband, Father, Grandfather & Great-grandfather, Mark Butt … from Drucella Butt & family.

Father & Grandfather, John Kelloway … from Drucella Butt & family.

Father, Mark Oates … from Louise.

Father, Clifford Moore … from son Jim & family.

Father & Grandfather, John C. Penney … from daughter Jacqueline & family.

Edison (Ed) Oates … from Mom, Dad & family. (Bulletins today)

Father & Grandfather, Roy Moores … from Rosalind, Bill and Chantelle.

Randy King and Freeman King … from Leona, Susan, Ameila & Zackary.

Father & Grandfather, George W. Janes Jr. … from Diane, Steve, Maxwell & Devon Barrett.

Grandfather, Nicholas Clarke … from Jack, Gertie & Nicole.

Father & Grandfather, Maxwell Douglasl Barrett … from Stephen, Diane, Maxwell & Devon Barrett.

Grandfather & Great-grandfather, George W. Janes … from Alexis Janes, Josh & Jayden.

Husband, George W. Janes, Jr. … from Peggy.

Father, Grandfather & Great-grandfather, George W. Janes, Jr. … from Beverley & David Baird, Robert, Kaitlyn & Brock.

Husband, Richard Rorke … from Patricia Rorke

George W. Penney … from wife Margaret & all the family (Bulletins today)

Husband, Freeman King and son, Randy King … from Ursula King

Father Freeman King and brother Randy King … from Winston King

Fathers, Henry Burke & Hayward Butt and Grandfather Thomas Powell … from Clarence & Elaine Butt & family.

Father & Grandfather, John C. Penney … from daughter Susan, granddaughter Nicole & family.

Father Bert Parsons and Grandfather Samuel Parsons … from Bert & Gertie.

Maxwell Barrett… from daughters Susan, Karin, Stephanie & family.

Arthur Thomas … from son David & Flo in Ontario and daughter Doreen & family.

Andrew Moores and Lionel Clarke … from Emma Clarke.

Frank P. Pike and Robert Pike … from Frank & Betty.

Fathers, Fathers in law and Pops, Karl Davis and Joseph Noel … love from Carol Ann, Kerry, Keri Ann and Ryan.

Frederick E. Forward … from Bruce, Leslie & family.

Father, Clifford Moore … from Mildred Fitzgerald.

Father, Jack Pike … love from Denise.

Father, William J. Penney … from Mike & Jeanette.

Father, George W. Penney; Grandfather George T. Penney and Grandfather James Piercey … from Leslie & family in Halifax.

Father, George T. Penney and brother, George W. Penney … from Frank & Ella Penney.

Father, George W. Penney; Grandfather George T. Penney; Grandfather James Piercey and Father in Law, William Clarke … Love and Fond Memories from Mary Barbara & family.

Father, George W. Penney; Grandfather George T. Penney; Grandfather James Piercey and Father in Law, William Clarke … Love and Fond Memories from Helen & family.

Hayward Butt and Russell Howell … from Daphne & John Howell.

Father, Manuel Sutton and Father in Law, George A. Noel … from Emma Noel

A. John Champion … from his family.

Father, John R. Swain … from son Thomas & family.

Father, Eldred Hedges … from Margaret Rose & family

Father, Charles Penney … from Guy & family

Father, John C. Butt … from son Gary & family

Husband James Pynn; Grandfather Captain Billy Swain; Grandfather William Pynn and Loved Ones … from Rosalind Pynn & family.

A dear husband, father & grandfather, Rick King … from wife Pauline, son Brian (Jennilee), son Brad and Grandson Connor.

A dear Grandfather, James R. King … from Pam, Brian, Brad & families.

Father, Donald Powell … from Doreen & Howard Earle & family.

Father, Donald Powell … from son Don & family

Father, Donald Powell … from daughter Judy Green & family

Father, Hayward Butt, Sr., Father in law, H. W. Powell and Husband, Donald Powell … from Iva.

Father, Lloyd Swain … from son Scott Swain & family

Dear & Special fathers, Bertram Power and Cyril Ryan … forever in our hearts … from Stephanie & Don Ryan.

Father & Grandfather, Roy Moores … from Roy, Jane, David, Jonathan & Emma.

Father & Grandfather, Maxwell A. Powell … from Calvin & Betty Powell & families.

Father, Robert (Bob) Pike … from daughter Christine.

Fathers, Silas, Harry and Frank … from Sandra

In Memory / Honor of our Fathers … from the Mazhara family.

Fathers, Arthur Porter and Robert Power … from Lorne, Ann & family.

Our Dads, Robert Pike and Albert Pitcher; brothers James Pike, Roy Pitcher, George Pike and David Pike and Loved Ones … love from John & Florence Pike

Grandfather and great-grandfather, Hayward Butt … from Lisa, Destiny, Serena and Brooklyn Butt. (Bulletins today)

A dear husband, dad & poppy, Ches Pye … love forever from Elsie Pye & family.

A dear dad & poppy, Ches Pye … love forever from Terri, Chris, Cody & Brady Green.

Precious Dad/Poppy, Thomas Baker and Raymond Sellars … from Gary, Joy, Kathryn & Kristen.

Fathers, George Burden and Gerald Comerford … from Karen, John, Adam, Andrew & families.

Eugene Marshall & Loved Ones … from Wayne & Ella “Forever in our Hearts”

James Parsons & Loved Ones … from Ella & Wayne “Forever in our Hearts”.

Father, Walter C. Snow … from daughter Tina & Alan Ross in Dundas, Ontario.

A donation of microphones and microphone stands has been given in loving memory of Husband & Father, Gordon Saunders … from Sandra, Neal & Carol Anne.


2 Church Street

United Church Manse Carbonear



Property Info:

3 Bedroom Tri-Level House located on large lot (199’x136′) with ocean view. 1Full Bathroom plus 2 half baths. Built in 1976 and occupied by various clergy until present. Main Floor has large office space and a small den which could be used as another bedroom. Half bath on this floor.

2nd floor includes kitchen, dining room and living room with a wood burning fireplace. 3rd Floor has three bedrooms with full bath as well as an ensuite off the master bedroom.


detached tri-level with exterior vinyl siding and brick and vinyl windows

– Paved Driveway

– Floor Space: 2500 sq.ft. on three levels with an additional 400 sq.ft of developed basement

– Flooring: Hardwood and laminate through out

– Electrical: 200 amp service with breakers

– Heating: Electric Baseboard heating as well as a wood burning fireplace

– Appliances: Fridge, Stove, Dishwasher, Washer and Dryer as well as some furniture including Dining Room set and 2 sofas

For viewing please contact Danny Button at 596-2180 or Milton Peach at 596-5872