Father’s Day Memorials 2020

“If I could write a story, It would be the greatest ever told,
of a kind and loving father, who had a heart of gold.
I will remember all he taught me, I’m hurt but won’t be sad,
Because he’ll send me down the answers, and he’ll always be MY DAD”

My Dad, Clarence Janes … from daughter Wanda Garland

My Grandfather, George Will Janes … from granddaughter Wanda Garland

Dad, Clarence Janes and Grandfather George W. Janes … from Jackie (Janes) Lake

Dad, Clarence Janes … from daughter Robyn

Father & Grandfather, John C. Penney … from daughter Susan, Granddaughter Nicole & family

Father William Penney, brother Ace Penney & cousin Cark Penney … from Lydia, Linda, Bill & families

Father & Grandfather, John C. Penney … from daughter Jacqueline & family

Fathers, Wilfred Murphy and Fred Brown … from Peggy & Don Brown

Husband, Father & Grandfather Rick King … from wife Pauline & family

Grandfather, James R. King … from Pam, Brian, Brad & families

A. John Champion … from Wife Alliston and family

Father & Grandfather, Roy Moores … from Roy, Jane, David & Jonathan

Nicholas Clarke … from daughter Ethel & family

Warren Tucker … from Wife Gladys & family

Husband & Father, Maxwell Badcock … from wife Helen and sons Jim & Mark

Father, James R. King … from daughter Helen Badcock

Brother, Rick King … from sister Helen Badcock

Warren Tucker … from wife Gladys and all the family

Father, John R. Swain, brothers Frederick, Rev. Hector & Lloyd … from son & brother Thomas Swain

Husband, Father, Grandfather & Great-grandfather, Mark Butt … from Drucella Butt & family\

Father, Grandfather & Great-grandfather John Kelloway … from Drucella Butt & family

Father & Grandfather, James W. Taylor and Hayward W. Taylor … from Ruth & Catherine Ruth

William Baker and other Fathers in the family … from Annie Baker

Father, Nicholas Clarke … from son John

Our Fathers, Frank and Silas … from Gordon & Sandra

Mark Oates … from Louise

Husband Victor King … from Ruby

Father & Grandfather Victor King … from Vicki, Jennifer & Gavin

Fathers, William Pynn & George King … from Ruby & family

Lloyd Swain … from son Scott & family

Dad, Gordon Burden Sr. … from daughter Vida

Father, Eldred Hedges …from Margaret Rose & family

Father, Charles Penney … from Guy & family

Dad, Arthur Dean … from daughters, Helena & Dianne

Father, Rivelyn Pitts … from daughter Beatrice Poirier in New Brunswick

Father, Rivelyn Pitts … from daughter Dianna in Fort McMurray, AB

Fathers, William Pynn and Thomas Hatcher … from Allan & Sandra

Eugene Marshall … from Wayne & Ella “Forever in our Hearts”

James Parsons … from Ella & Wayne “Forever in our Hearts”

Father, Clifford Moore … from Mildred Fitzgerald

Dear & special Fathers, Bertram Power and Cyril Ryan … forever in our hearts … from Stephanie & Don Ryan.

Father, Richard Ash … from Helen

Husband & Father, Lewis Sheppard … from Helen & family

Father, William J. Penney … from Mike & Jeanette

Father, Roy Clarke … from Arlene

Roland Winsor … from wife Joyce & family

Husband Donald Powell, Father Hayward Butt & Father in law H. W. Powell … from Iva & family

Lewis Trickett … from Debbie & family

Our Dads Robert Pike & Albert Pitcher, brothers James Pike, Roy Pitcher, George Pike, David Pike & Loved Ones … Love from John & Florence Pike

Husband, Father & Grandfather, Lloyd Taylor … with love from Bernice, Wendy & Pat, Wanda, Sean, Lauren & Tekara xo

Beloved Husband, Dad and Poppy, Ches Pye … love always from Terri, Chris, Cody & Brady Green and Elsie Pye

Father & Grandfather, Mark Butt … from Daughter Carolyn, son in law Sean & grandson Shayne Murphy

Father & Grandfather Lloyd Swain … missing you this Father’s Day … love & beautiful memories from wife Glenys, children Scott, Tracey & Joanne, grandchildren Matthew & Christian & great-granddaughter Aubree

Cyril LeGrow … from John & Elizabeth

Edison (Ed) Oates … from Mom, Dad & family

George & Gwendolyn White … from Gerald White & Carolyn Bradbury

Rev. Fred & Eileen Bradbury … from Carolyn Bradbury & Gerald White

Father, Donald Powell … from daughter Judy & family

Grandfather, Nicholas Clarke … from Jack, Gertie & Nicole

Father, Joseph Noel … from Emma, Dawn, Kerry & family

Fathers, Manuel Sutton and George A. Noel … from Emma

Randy & Freeman King … from Leona & family

Hayward Butt, Henry Burke and Thomas Powell … from Clarence & Elaine Butt

Our Dads, Hayward Butt Sr. & Harry Tuttle … from Hayward Jr. & Anita Butt & family

Husband, father & grandfather, Hayward Butt, Sr. … from wife Ruby & family

Husband, Freeman King … from Urusla

Brother, Randy King … from Winston

Husband, George King … from wife Barbara & family

Father, George G. Burden … from Karen Comerford & family

… and in Honour of our Fathers … from the Mazhara family

Father, Hayward Fraize … from daughter Patsy Rodgers

Father, Robert Pike … from daughter Christine

Husband, Father, grandfather & great-grandfather, James Pynn and Loved Ones … from Rosalind & family

Captain William Swain … from granddaughter Rosalind Pynn & family

Father in law, William Pynn and Loved Ones … from Rosalind Pynn & family

Fathers, Reuben F. Noel and Gordon Peach … from Milton & Joan Peach & family

Husband, George W. Penney … from wife Margaret

George T. Penney … from daughter in law Margaret

Father, James Piercey … from daughter Margaret

George T. Penney … from son Frank & Ella

Ernest Parsons … from all the family

Father, George W. Penney, Grandfathers George T. Penney and James Piercey and Father in Law, Billy Clarke … from Mary Barbara Clarke

Father, George W. Penney, Grandfathers George T. Penney and James Piercey and Father in Law, Philip Curran … from Helen Curran

Father, Bert Parsons and Grandfather Samuel Parsons … from Bert & Gertie

Fathers, Frank P. Pike and Robert Pike … from Frank & Betty

Our Father, Walter C. Snow, Sr. … from daughter Tina & Alan Ross in Ontario


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A donation has been received to the Glory of God and to the Memorial Fund in loving memory of Mom, Evelyn Janes … love from daughter Robin & Frank.

A donation has been received to the Glory of God and to Bethany United Church Cemetery Fund from Elinor Gill Ratcliffe, C.M.,O.N.L.,LLD (hc).

A donation has been received to the Glory of God and to Bethany United Church from The Carbonear Interfaith Cemetery Association Inc.

Donations have been received to the Glory of God and to the Park Avenue Cemetery Fund and to the Mission & Service Fund in loving memory of George W. Penney from … Ruth & Catherine Ruth Davidge; Karen Comerford; Gordon & Sandra Saunders; Melvin & Sharon Penney, Kelli Wield, Robert H. Pike, Lorna Clouter, Joan Strickland, Blair Seymour, Elvie Curran, Philip & Jean Curran, Fraize Family, Stephen Tim Lori & Lisa Penney, Calvin Penney, Alliston Champion, Greg & Niki Parsons, Doreen Barrett, Janet Butt, Rita Garland, Sylvia Peddle, Yvonne Nadin, and Kevin & Mary Verge.


Mother’s Day Memorials 2020
“When Mom has passed, and the pain is so unkind …
Just look and you’ll find her, there in your heart and mind.”


My Mom, Evelyn Janes … from daughter Wanda Garland

My Grandmother, Drucella Janes … from granddaughter Wanda Garland

Mother, Sophie Clarke and Wife, Katie Clarke … from John

Mother, Ada Pynn … from Daughter Sandra Hatcher

Mother, Rose Pitts … from Daughter Beatrice Poirier in New Brunswick

Mother, Rose Pitts … from Dianna Pitts in Fort McMurray, Alberta

Mother & Grandmother, Ruth Taylor and Elizabeth Taylor … from Ruth & Catherine Ruth Davidge.

Mother & Grandmother, Caroline Powell and Daughter & Mom, Andrea C. Powell … from Calvin & Betty Powell and Ryan & Jeremy Kelly.

Mom, Evelyn Janes .. From Daughter Robin

Mother, Myrtle Clarke … from Arlene

Mother, Hannah Ash … from Helen

Mother, Elfreida Pike … from daughter Christine

Lorna Snow-Parsons … from husband Russell and son Darryl

Mrs. Alice Butt and Mrs. Bethana Powell … from Iva & family

Mother, Emmie Oates … from Louise

Mother, Lillian Parsons and Grandmothers Sarah Parsons & Laura Lillian Maddock … from Bert & Gertie

Parents, Ada & William Pynn and Violet & Harry Peddle … from Ada, Dave & family and Anne, Ches & family

Mother & Grandmother, Virtue Kelloway … from daughter Drucella & family

Mother, Carrie Moores … from Roy, Jane & family

Mothers, Dorothy Murphy and Gertie Brown … from Peggy & Don

Mother, Betty Burden and Step-Mom, Carrie Banfield Burden … from Karen Comerford & family.

Mom, Evelyn Janes and Grandmother, Drucella Janes … from Jackie (Janes) Lake

Mothers … from Wayne, Hazel & Dawn

Grandmother, Edith King … from Pam, Brian, Brad & families

Mom, Tena Tuttle … from daughter Anita Butt & family

Mothers Bernice Burke & Alice Butt, Grandmother Emily Powell and sister Mabel Fullerton … from Elaine, Clarence & family

Our Mothers, Leah & Dorothy … from Gordon & Sandra

Mother, Bertha Burgess … from daughter Gwen, Wayne & family

Mother, Pearl Moore … from Mildred Fitzgerald

Mother, Elizabeth Hedges … from Margaret Rose & family

Mother, Rachelle Penney … from Guy & family

Mother, Joyce Trickett and Grandmother, Eva Blanche Rowe … from Debbie Hindy & family

A dear and special Mother, Mrs. Hilda C. Power … from Daughter Stephanie & Don Ryan

My loving Grandmother, Mrs. Drucella Janes … fondly remembered by granddaughter Stephanie Ryan.

Renee Frampton … from Husband Charlie, daughter Robyn and special granddaughter Isabell.

Moms, Elfreida Pike & Clara Pitcher, Aunt Clad Evans, special friend Beulah Clarke and Loved Ones … from John & Florence Pike

Mother, Emma LeGrow … from John & Elilzabeth

Our Mothers Winnifred Pike & Elfreida Pike, Grandmother Winnifred Maria Pike and Clara Evans “Aunt Clad” … from Frank & Betty Pike

Mother, Katie Clarke and Grandmother Sophie Clarke …. from John, Gertie and Nicole

Flora Baker and all other mothers … from Annie Baker

Mother & Grandmother, Vera Penney … from daughter Susan, Granddaughter Nicole & family

Mother, Gwendolyn White … from Sharon

Mother, Zelpha Penney and friend Barbara Penney … love from Lydia, Linda, Bill & families

Mother Laura Sutton & Mother-in-Law Gertrude Noel … from Emma Noel

Hazel Marshall and Loved Ones … love from Wayne & Ella

Louisa Parsons and Loved Ones … love from Ella & Wayne

Mother, Alma Fraize … from daughter Patsy Rodgers

Mother & Grandmother, Vera Penney … from daughter Jacqueline & family

Mom, Dorothy Snow … from daughter Tina & Alan Ross in Dundas, ON

Precious Mother, Laura B. (Nan) Dean … from daughters Helena Roche and Dianne Skanes

Mother, Mary E. Swain … from son Tom & family

Beatrice Northcott-Oates … from Cecil, Tracey, Rev. Tina (John), Warren, Wynette (Robert), Sara & Caroline.


Mom’s life and her 99th Birthday on May 27th, 2020 – Susie Noel … from Milton & Joan Peach & family.

In Honour of our Mothers … from Rev. Simba, Martha & family



April 21, 2020

Message from Bethany Treasurer:

While we all have focused on “keeping safe” during these pandamic times, we as a congregation are experiencing financial challenges with our regular church servcices on hold.

Our health officials have said staying at home in our own bubble is paying off and we commend and thank our church family for that.

At this time I want to encourage you all to continue supporting your church financially by dropping off your envelope at the church office on Tuesdays 10am – 1pm, mailing in your contribution or by E-transfer.

Your Lenten, Easter Offerings and Mother’s Day Memorials were received and appreciated.

As many of our expenses for operations must continue, we need your support, and thank you in advance for this.

Please keep safe.

Milton Peach                                                                                                                                          Treasurer/Finance Chair

*************************************************************************************Due to Covid-19, Our Church office will only be open on Tuesdays from 10am until 1pm. Anyone wishing to drop off contributions can do so during this period. Other methods of contributing can still continue to be used and will be recorded by our Office Staff. This move is to ensure the safety of all members of our congregation