January 19, 2020

Usher Captains for January: Bert Parsons
Ushers today: George Power and Wayne Parsons

Rev. Simba is pleased to respond to invitations for pastoral visits. He is only a phone call away. Office 596-6754, the Manse 596-6137, by cell at 1-709-674-1169 or by email at Rev. Simba will be off this week on Wednesday and Friday.

We are looking for someone to serve on and be Chair of the Property Committee and also looking for someone to be Chair of the Board of Trustees. Please contact either Danny Button at 596-2180 / 589-7200 or Milton Peach at 596-5872 / 693-4815, or call the office at 596-6754.

Bible Study is held on Tuesdays at 10:30 am. Everyone welcome.

Exercise Classes are Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:30am. All are welcome.

Any young person interested in joining a Youth Band please contact Michael at 595-3070.

Songbirds practice on Tuesdays at 6:30pm.
Harmonie will practice on Thursdays at 1:00pm and the Senior Choir Practice is Thursdays at 1:30pm.

There are individuals who are willing to prepare for tea and clean up, but we need donations for coffee and conversation. Your kindness would be appreciated.

Bethany Men’s Fellowship will be visiting Luxury Estates today, Sunday, January 19th at 2pm.

There will be a Finance Meeting on Tuesday, January 28th at 10am.

There will be a Council Meeting on Wednesday, January 29th at 7pm.

The St John’s and Area Council of Churches invites you to join them at the Annual Service to celebrate the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity today, Sunday, January 19th at 3pm at the Salvation Army Citadel on Adams Avenue in St. John’s. Speakers will be Lieut. Col. Eddie Vincent and Archbishop Peter Hundt.

Zone Captains are asked to please pick up your packages in the church foyer.

Year End tax receipts are printed and available in the main foyer.

If there is anyone who is due for Confirmation, please contact Judy at the office at 596-6754 or Rev. Simba at the manse at 596-6137 or on his cell at 1-709-674-1169.