September 6, 2020

As we prepare for in person worship next Sunday, please be reminded that if anyone has flu-like symptoms or has travelled outside the Atlantic Provinces or been in contact with anyone who has in the last 14 days, please stay home from worship. I realize these are difficult times and people may be excited to return to our place of worship, but we have to ensure that all are safe.


Due to Covid-19, Our Church office will only be open on Tuesdays from 10am until 1pm. Anyone wishing to drop off contributions can do so during this period. Other methods of contributing can still continue to be used and will be recorded by our Office Staff. This move is to ensure the safety of all members of our congregation.


The annual Outreach Sock it up campaign is set for Oct. 11th.  We are asking the congregation to place their loose change they may have been saving in a zip lock bag along with their envelope number and amount given.  All funds collected are for Missions.

August 24, 2020
A Call for Brave Faith, Resilience and Innovation
Dear Carbonear Pastoral Charge at Bethany United and Beyond
Grace and Peace to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The pandemic reminds us of the unusual experience faced by the Israelites in Babylon. The Exiles resigned from their songs of praise as recorded by Psalm 137: 4
“How could we sing to the Lord in a foreign land?”
For the first time in a lifetime, we could not gather to celebrate the most significant event in our faith because of the threat posed by the pandemic. We missed the Easter event, the Sacraments, our sanctuary and each other. We missed the roles we played in the life of the Church and of one another. Yet God was and is with us.
Paul’s epistle to the Church at Rome asks; “What shall separate us from the love of Christ?” Romans 8: 35a. Not even death itself. The pandemic could not stop God’s love, the gospel and fellowship. Through virtual gatherings Online and Teleconference, we have continued to share the good news and encourage each other. With brave faith, resilience and innovation, we remained “the Church” by offering pastoral and mutual care to the community and to each other. Thanks to the leaders and volunteers for creativity. Thank you all for your gifts and participation.
Now that we have an opportunity to gather again, worship together, and offer the ministry of presence, let us embrace it with diligence, brave faith and innovation. In-person worship has proven to be more than a privilege, but sacred. The doors of Bethany United are scheduled to open for regular worship on September 13th of 2020, at 11 am. This will come with new protocols as prescribed by public health that require us to take maximum precautions.
Let us continue to hold on to our faith, serve God by serving others and be the answer to somebody else’s prayer. Keep the hurting in your prayers, praying for the pandemic and that professionals find the vaccine. With brave faith, resilience and innovation, let us face the future.
Thank you to all Frontline Workers, Volunteers and Leaders.
Grace and Peace be with you all
Rev Simba


A donation has been receieved to the Glory of God and to the Memorial Fund in memory of Clyde Davis … from Glenys & Don McNeil.

A donation has been received to the Glory of God and to the Memorial Fund in loving memory Renee Frampton … from husband charlie, daughter Robyn and special granddaughter Isabel.

A donation has been received to the Glory of God and to the Memorial Fund in loving memory of a dear husband, father & grandfather, Rick King, on the 10th anniversary of his passing in August 2010 … forever to be loved and remembered by family and friends … donated by wife Pauline, daughter Pam (Reg), sons Brian (Jennilee), Bradley and his adoring grandsons Noah, Luke & Connor.

Donations have been received to the Glory of God and to the Cemetery Fund in memory of Gordon  Saunders … from Don & Peggy Brown, Roy & Jane Moores, Ken & Cynthia Noel, Louise P. Drover, Sharon Dean, Gertie & Bert Parsons, Ruth & Catherine Ruth Davidge, Graham Moores, Karen & John Comerford, Duncan E. Howell, Arlene Slade, Ray & Gwen Walters, Jeanette Pike, cousins Elinor Gill Ratcliffe and Rosalind Gill, cousin Winifred Kennedy, Paul & Betty Priddle, Noel & Patricia Murphy, Verna Swain, Philip Saunders, Milton & Joan Peach, Arthur & Loretta Oates, Marilyn Crocker, Frank & Karen Butt, Steve & Kim Drodge, Edwina Suley & Ronald Howell, Carol Powell, Alliston Champion, Victoria Connoy, J.B. Hand & Sons Ltd., Dr. Aiden & Ann Drover, Debbie & Robert Hindy, Staff @ TNT Factory Clearance, Mary-Barbara, Carson & Olivia Clarke, Margaret Penney, George & Carol Hogan, T. C. Medical Associates, Dr. Frank & Gloria Fifield, Elinor Moores, son Neal & Carol Ann Saunders, wife Sandra, Ann Murphy, Tom Pinsent,

A donation has been received to the Glory of God and to the Cemetery Fund in memory of my grandparents, Fanny & William F. Howell … from Winifred Kennedy

A donation  has been received to the Glory of God and to the Cemetery Fund in memory of Flo Pike … from Graham Moores and Marilyn Hollett.

April 21, 2020

Message from Bethany Treasurer:

While we all have focused on “keeping safe” during these pandamic times, we as a congregation are experiencing financial challenges with our regular church servcices on hold.

Our health officials have said staying at home in our own bubble is paying off and we commend and thank our church family for that.

At this time I want to encourage you all to continue supporting your church financially by dropping off your envelope at the church office on Tuesdays 10am – 1pm, mailing in your contribution or by E-transfer.

Your Lenten, Easter Offerings and Mother’s Day Memorials were received and appreciated.

As many of our expenses for operations must continue, we need your support, and thank you in advance for this.

Please keep safe.

Milton Peach                                                                                                                                          Treasurer/Finance Chair